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 Subtitling may have many challenges, in Millennium Translation we make sure that all challenges are met to the highest standards of performance. The two essential rules when writing subtitles are:

• The texts should be as literal as possible to the locution to which they accompany.
• The texts must be correct grammatically and orthographically.

 The first rule has to do with the speed of locution. When the speed of the locution must be reduced, we do not resort to summarizing the information. Instead, we use techniques for saving vocabulary, whenever possible. For example, we use the abbreviations as much as the language allows, and common acronyms. Redundant or unnecessary information, such as repetitions, greetings etc. can also be eliminated. Among the techniques that can also be used is the use of pronouns as much as they are not confusing, and the use of short forms for entities and organizations.

 Second, the rule also shows special cases of spelling, although some of them are not essentially valid for the web. The challenge is that Teletext technology is simply too old to allow a wide character set. This limitation does not apply to our services.  We only pick the special spelling rules that have to do with enabling the legibility of the subtitles, which leaves us only two: numbering and arguments: As for numbering, numbers from zero to ten should be written in letters, upper numbers with numbers. The decimals are always written with numbers. As for arguments, subtitles are almost seen as one unit that may occupy several pages.