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right after we agree on the price and delivery time. our project managers will start working on your project. by selecting the proper linguist. the linguist has to be qualified in the source and target language also in the translation field.

  • We follow these steps to deliver you the final file:-

1- After the sales manager receive a project from you, he sends it to the PM.

2- The PM checks all files and instructions, then checks the translation topic.

3- The PM sends to the linguists who are native and specialist in your translation topic.

4- After the translator finish, the PM run QA report using Xbench.

5- The PM sends the translated file plus the QA report to the editor, who is must be native and specialist in your translation topic.

6-  The editor has to send the file back to the PM with track changes after checking and correcting everything.

7- The PM sends the file again with track changes to the translator, to check if he accept or refuse these changes and why?.

8- The PM sends the file to a third native linguist to QA, and to make sure that the file is free of errors or mistakes.

9- The PM sends you 2 copies of the file (one copy of the translation and another of the final file) with commented QA report.

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