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 Millennium Translation offers high standard website ‘localization’ services for all type of sites. Localization is the translation of products so that they appeal to the target audience. Millennium Translation staff do all copy-writing that the websites hold making sure that only the meaning is rendered accurately, but also the meaning is rendered culturally appropriate, smooth to read and easy to understand. We believe that in order to localize, one needs to speak as native people speak.

 How many visitors turn into customers? It is likely, according to recent studies, that 50 % of visitors turn into customers (provided that the website is in the customers’ native languages). The language of the website plays a major role then. In Millennium Translation, we are fully aware of that. Websites are not translated so that the meaning is conveyed; it is essential as well for the content to be conveyed in a culturally manner which is convincing to the visitor. In Millennium Translation, software localization and website localization services ensure that end users feel that the website is originally designed and created for them.  

 Software Translation

 With the recent huge developments in technology, it is made possible that with a click, mass-document translation can be performed and produced in no time. Thus, companies can buy software translating apps or software, and be able to mass-translate documents in effortless manner. However, this is dependent on co-operation between linguistic experts and programmers. Here come our services: Millennium Translation provides services for a wide range of operating systems and programming applications.