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Millennium Translation provides typesetting in languages from America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Different languages may have different format such as English, Chinese and Arabic. To ensure that every single document produced by Millennium Translation is accurate and professional, we offer typesetting services. Take for example the Chinese and the Arabic languages, which are different from one another and completely different from European languages. The Chinese language is very complex with each character having multiple meanings. This is also similar to Arabic in which one form may have different meanings. This requires in translation the rendering of complete meaning as well as producing a coherent text. In addition, Arabic is written and read from right to left, which is totally different from European languages which are left-to-right languages. Typesetting is not a matter of form only; it is also related to content as well as cultural elements. Language should be exact in form, accurate in meaning and professional in typesetting. Millennium Translation always cares so much about the accuracy and comprehensibility of texts in completing the projects. We also pay special attention to cultural aspects rendering them as accurately as possible.